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September 2011

In september 2011 the set of our old band ‘‘Osiris T.“ broke up.

We formed the that band 13 years ago. A lots of musicians did formed our style with us. And now we can look back thankfull to a lots of gigs and festivals like “Mera Luna”/Hildesheim, “Dark Dance”/Lahr or WGT/Leipzig. But we also will kept smaller gigs on smaller festivals or in clubs in our mind. On five albums we recorded our musical vision. Now it’s time for something totally new !
Every new beginning is a search. It is unknown territory, on the way into a new adventure !

October 2011

We foud ‘‘Purty Violet“. The bandname came up spontaniously. Violet is Amiras favorite colour and she composed filmmusic with her artist name “Baronessa Violetta” , for example for the movie ”Woyzeck” by Minona von Vietinghoff). Because of that we came up with the name “Purty Violet”-

Our concept is simple: Voice, acoustic istruments, samples and live-loops.

Amira: Voval, Cello, Guitar, Keyboard

Tassos : Vocal, Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Percussion

Since then we´re working on the lineup. There are a lot of unpublished songs written by Amira, from the times with our band “Osiris T.” that didn´t fit in the “Nu Celtic Rock” - concept.
Pieces like ”Song of Ermere” or “Longing for Love” get arranged new. We work with german and english lyrics

October 2012

Begin of the filming for the musivdeo of “Longing for Love” with the videoartist Mira Amadea from Braunschweig.

January 2012

The musicvideo “Longing for Love“ gets published. A good beginning for “Purty Violet”.
And we´re looking forward to the future.

Since Mai 2012

We are working right now on our now set and our firs album. And also the mastering of our pieces is in our center of work.

July 2012

We finished our new Album "The Lake" with 9 new Tracks . You can find examples at our media-page. We will release it at online-shops, soon.