Concerts 2015

"Schneeflocken im Kopf" - Concert

 15th Mai, 19 h

 Roter Saal - Schlossplatz 1 - 38100 Braunschweig

Concerts History 2014

"Kaufbar" - Braunschweig,

Roter Saal im Schloss Braunschweig

Amira Hani and Tassos Oz are the founders of Purty Violet.

Their Music is poetic, sometimes cheerful, other times of melancholic nature. It is inspired by a combination of emotions, memories and lyric poems from the artists.

Their music is a mix of acoustic instruments, including guitar, cello and the irish-bouzouki blending together with sound collages and rhythmic samples. In addition, the artists implement in their music some more unusual sounds, such as tone generators, distortions and even simple children’s toys. The soft tones of the instruments allow the expressivity of Amira Hani’s versatile voice to come into play in a very special way. Additionally the album is enriched by the deep, darker voice of Tassos Oz. The combination from both musicians allows a stimulating and emotional outcome.

“The Lake”, Purty Violet’s debut, came out at 2012.

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- we finished our new Album "The Lake" with 9 brand-new tracks. 

- we finished our new single "Insignificant Illusion"

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